Slow Blade Systems

Slow Blade Systems is a one-man indie game development studio. Its debut project is a physics-based building and simulation game called "Aloft - Airship Pioneers" which is focused on the era of airship travel.

Aloft Dev Log 8: Post Pre-Production

So today development on Aloft has quietly ticked (or tocked, not sure) over and I have brought to an end what I have been grandly calling the "pre-production" phase, which I loosely defined as doing research, teaching myself GameMaker and producing various prototypes of systems that will be needed in Aloft. In the W.S.C. school of international project management this is not the "beginning of the end", but might be the "end of the beginning".

I am now in the equally amorphous phase of "Pre-Alpha", which by my definition means I have a big list of everything I will need to program, all art that will need to be created and even all the sound effects and music that will be required in order to produce a pre-alpha version of Aloft that I can release publicly. This will still be a very bare-bones version of the game, but it should prove that the most basic mechanic - that of designing and flying about in big bags of gas - is something that is entertaining and can be built on.

This also means I don't have anything particularly exciting to show off at the moment (unless you are really excited by time estimates!); however I do have some of the preliminary sketches produced for the previous batch of concepts which have some neat airship designs, so I will post them for everyone to take a look at:

Hopefully by the time I next have something interesting to post it will be that I have started work in earnest on the code that will become the final game!