Slow Blade Systems

Slow Blade Systems is a one-man indie game development studio. Its debut project is a physics-based building and simulation game called "Aloft - Airship Pioneers" which is focused on the era of airship travel.

Aloft Dev Log 9: Think of the Oxen

I'm still soldiering on with the implementation the foundational parts of the Aloft application; this is somewhat boring work but will make it easier for me the manage the code as it grows. Progress will probably be at about this pace from now on, but I'll try and post something interesting at least once a month.

On the art front we are working on a logo for the game. I felt it was about time to get one done to make the project look a bit more professional.

The basic style I decided on was one of those metal "inspection plates" that were typically attached to Victorian machines by their doting manufacturers in order to say who made, what patents applied to it or merely to highlight how ludicrously over-engineered this machine is compared to the competition. Typically they use a flowerly treatment of the company name, with some more practical down-to-earth text for the rest of the information. Almost always etched out of brass, which is heavy and therefore best.

The above were sketched by the talented Alec Beals, after we spent quite a while getting the font for "Aloft" just right; I like all of them, but am probably going to go with something based on the bottom right design. Eventually this will be fleshed out into a fully rendered colour logo, along with simpler black and white versions.

I will leave you with an interesting airship fact: For a long time the internal membranes of the gas bags inside airships were made of "Goldbeater's skin", the hammered thin intestinal lining of an ox. It could take over 200,000 oxen to provide the material for one large rigid airship; during the First World War demand was so great in Germany that the manufacture of sausages was banned(!) to ensure an adequate supply.