Slow Blade Systems

Slow Blade Systems is a one-man indie game development studio. Its debut project is a physics-based building and simulation game called "Aloft - Airship Pioneers" which is focused on the era of airship travel.

Aloft Dev Log 11: Hangar Queen

It's time for the pseudo monthly update!

Been a relatively slow month in progress on Aloft, as a few other projects (and maybe a little Total War Warhammer) consumed some of the time I'd usually spend on it. I initially intended to have some balloons floating in the game now, but I got side tracked into improving some of the basic infrastructure I'd been implementing (specifically handling custom resolutions/windowed mode and allowing custom key bindings for everything).

The other major thing I've been working on is making the game world ready for proper airship flight. Up to now the gas simulation grid for the airship was a rigid structure, and as such though the airships/balloons behaved realistically they could never leave the bounds of this "box". As part of that I have also switched the game view from a basic fixed camera to one which can be zoomed in and out, and scrolled around with the mouse/keys. Finishing that off will probably take at least another few weeks.

Another important change is the gas simulation system now supports multiple gas "containers" in the same space - so multiple balloons can exist together and should experience (crude, to begin with) collisions with each other.

Anyway, there's still really not much of interest to show, but here's a quick gif of loading into the game via the very basic menus, and then having a zoom/scroll around in "flight" mode with a debug object (unfortunately the compression went a bit wrong on it, but you get the idea):