Slow Blade Systems

Slow Blade Systems is a one-man indie game development studio. Its debut project is a physics-based building and simulation game called "Aloft - Airship Pioneers" which is focused on the era of airship travel.

Aloft Dev Log 12: Strong Headwinds

I've been neglecting updates here for far too long, but progress on Aloft has been particularly slow the last few months due to my working on a few other side projects.

Anyway, I'm still working on relatively boring parts of the game so I'm afraid there isn't anything particularly exciting to show. A long overdue feature which I finally got working in the last week or so is taking the previously static gas simulation grid I was using, and converting it into a freely scrolling grid system, without destroying the integrity of the physics sim in the process. This means the "world" in Aloft is finally liberated from the tiny box it used to live in, and I can now start to get much more interesting information out of it like the altitude your airship has reached or the horizontal distance travelled and all the interesting simulation opportunities these offer.

Here's a short gif showing the debug view in the game, in which you can see the gas simulation grid scrolling along in response to the motion of the test balloon (which is heavier than air here, hence the sinking):

The next things on my list to implement are pressure based gas bag rupturing; some UI to keep track of vital airship stats, like speed, altitude, rate of climb, pressure etc; a method for saving/loading airship designs from a file format, which a big and rather boring job I've been prevaricating about for a while; and adding some momentum calculations to the gas simulation, which would enable both exterior wind forces and interior "gas turbulence" that should help iron out some physics foibles. Eventually I'm also going to have to tackle, you know, actually adding some graphics for the airships, but that does need to wait until the design save/load system is in.